Hugh Grant’s Unimpressed Reaction To Being Interviewed At The Oscars Couldn’t Have Been More Apparent

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Hugh Grant is famously not a fan of hiding his feelings. He recently admitted to a tantrum (“a Christian Bale,” as he called it) on set during Dungeons & Dragons, and he might be the best Paddington villain in the land, but he was a bit of an unappealing baddie on this year’s Oscars red carpet.

Ashley Graham tried, and she really tried, to pry an interesting answer out of Hugh on several subjects, and as you can see in the below clip. He didn’t really “have hopes up” for anyone, and as far as fashion goes, “It’s just my suit” and “I can’t remember my tailor.” He also declined to discuss much about Glass Onion. Did Hugh not wish to be at the Oscars at all, or was he simply not into this interview? Whatever the case, Ashley Grant is a trooper for adding, “It was nice to talk to you” at the end of this interview. His response: “Yeah.”

People really felt for Ashley after those awkward few moments. If she had wanted to fade into the red carpet, no one could have blamed her.

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